joi, septembrie 08, 2011

The most expensive video from Eastern Europe...made by Romania!

I was happy to see that the most expensive clip from Eastern Europe was made by a Romanian artist.
The name of the song is :Is it love and the artist is Celia feat. Kaye Styles . Everyone comments regarding the quality of the clip but in my opinion the sound and the effects they used will make from this song a hit, and I suppose this was the reason why they invested 100.000 euro to produce it. Yes it seems to be inspired by Prince of Persia and yes it has amazing video effects but nowadays that`s what sells and not the pure quality.
I totally agree that an HD version would have been amazing but they still have time. Anyway I am glad to see that a guy who was producing gypsy music 10 years ago is capable to make us , as Romanians , proud of our music all over the world. Go go Costi!